USD falling against JPY and NZD, may continue rise vs GBP and AUD near term

The US Dollar has fallen today vs the JPY amid some moderate risk off in the Asia session (NKY down -1.08%). US futures are currently trading up slightly while EZ futures are down (4:00 GMT). JPY CPI is the major event risk on the calendar which is expected to come in at 1.4% vs 1.3% prior (23:30 GMT). The USD also fell against the NZD after the RBNZ hiked rates from 2.75% to 3.00% as expected. Gold is continuing to consolidate around $1285.

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Gold Coast Mining Corporation (GDSM) Provides Updates on MJ-Xchange, Trademark Application and More

Earlier today, Gold Coast Mining Corporation updated shareholders on the beta testing of their marijuana social media website, The company will also be holding a webinar to showcase the website and it’s capabilities.

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Daily Analysis

by Cortes Analysis

Today was a great day! ANGI, SODA, & GWPH surges while QCOM misses on earnings and drops dramatically. I doubted FB heading into earnings and lost on my put options. I’m still in HART which is playing out nicely since my analysis alert on it a Continue reading

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Good evening everybody! An announcement to all of my followers: I will no longer be able to post excessively on Hereitfirst due to the educational demands that have been heightened within the upcoming weeks from college. For these reasons I will only be able to post on Sunday nights, Thursdays and Fridays. I apologize greatly for any inconvenience that this may have caused for you all. Back to statistics, congrats to S&P as its had its longest winning streak this closing at 1,879.55 . The Dow gained 65 points closing at 16,514. The NASDAQ index gained 40 points closing at 4161.45.

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Tranzbyte Corp (ERBB) Signs a Distribution Agreement with iTalk, Inc. (TALK)

Late Tuesday night, Tranzbyte Corp announced a distribution agreement with iTalk for their cloud connectivity solution “CloudTalk”.

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USD may rebound vs AUD and GBP, fall vs NZD

The US Dollar has risen today vs the AUD after weak AUD CPI data showed that the RBA may have to intervene. The AUD was also hit lower shortly after the CPI data came in by inline Chinese data; China HSBC PMI came inline at 48.3.  BOE meeting minutes are out later today 8:30 GMT, there is little change expected in the BOE’s outlook. Global equity markets were mostly up yesterday after the holiday and may be up again today, US and EZ futures are currently green.  Gold is coming under pressure from trend line resistance and may continue to fall if global conditions ease.

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HART, AAPL, FB – Analysis

Daily Analysis

by Cortes Analysis

It feels great to be back! Website has been down and now it’s up better than ever! I have done my analysis on 3 stocks – FB, HART, & AAPL. All of these stocks are great to trade, options or the stock itself. With AAPL and FB earnings right around the corner, I will definitely play these accordingly to my charts. Of course, never bet big on earnings! In the end, they are basically a gamble. Good luck guys!

Click Here to read my full analysis on these stocks.

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USD to face near term selling, Gold under pressure

The US Dollar has fallen today vs the AUD and NZD and may continue to fall across the board near term. Global markets are all open today after the holiday so some USD selling may result as the risk on theme resumes. Gold is coming under pressure from trend line resistance and may continue to fall if global tensions ease.

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Good evening folks! We have a very interesting week ahead of us. There are many earnings opportunities to be played. Therefore I will be shifting my focus towards earnings towards blue chips stocks and away from penny stocks. Do not worry, we still still have our daily penny picks ( Technically Driven). As for the markets the Dow gained 41 points closing at 16,449.25. Its great to see the Dow deviate from 16,000, 17000 here we come! The S&P gained 7 points closing at 1,871.89. The NASDAQ index gained 26 points closing at4,121.55.

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United Treatment Centers, Inc. (UTRM) Releases “Official” Website, Stock Tanks

On 4/20, United Treatment Centers released their website, The site received copious amounts of optimism and positive feedback on forums and message boards, but on 4/21 the market felt differently.

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Netflix beat their EPS of .81 by 5 cents

Netflix’s revenue was 1.27 billion dollars

To read more about Netflix’s earnings click here or here. ( Do not forget that Netflix conference call will be at  5pm PT. We are currently holding 13 shares of Netflix !!!


  • Netflix (NFLX) expects Q2 EPS of $1.12, above a $1 consensus. The company plans to raise prices by $1-$2/month (depending on the country) later in Q2 for new members. Existing members will maintain their current prices “for a generous time period.”
  • 2.25M U.S. streaming subs were added in Q1, in-line with guidance. 1.75M international subs were added, beating a forecast of 1.6M. 200K DVD subs were lost, lowering the total base to 6.7M.
  • Netflix ended Q1 with 35.67M U.S. streaming subs, and 12.68M international subs. It expects to added 520K and 940K U.S. and international subs in Q2, respectively.
  • The company declares its international ops are “on a path to achieve profitability this year.”
  • Q1 free cash flow was $8M vs. $5M in Q4 and -$42M a year ago. Streaming content obligations are at $7.1B vs. $7.3B at the end of Q4 and $5.7B a year ago
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NZD/USD finding trend line support, may rise on rate hike

The New Zealand dollar is finding support at the downtrend line that goes back to 2011, it is currently trading around the middle of the trading range for today at 0.858. This week the RBNZ is expected to hike rates from 2.75% to 3%, which means NZD may gain some strength as a result and could be why we are not making a lot of progress to the downside. We have entered long with a small size. Longer term we still believe the NZD will fall vs the USD but for now a long is the best trade.

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Stock Picks for 4/21

         Good evening ladies and gentleman, whether you celebrated Easter, National pot day or Good friday I hope everybody enjoyed the 3 day weekend ! I am currently still on spring break which is a sigh of relief. However I want to take this time to announce that my posts will be more sporadic as finals week approaches. After all I am a full-student!

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USD/JPY A Buy As Long As This Holds Update 4/21

The Japanese Yen is expected to weaken further vs the USD this week. Daily RSI is above the neutral 50 level and price is continuing to rise along side.  We have a good amount of Japanese data event risk this week with Japanese CPI being the most important. One of the goals of the BOJ is to increase the CPI to a stable 2% if data starts to fall weak of these expectations the BOJ could potentially add more stimulus weakening the yen.1 Continue reading

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Increased Ukraine Tensions Could Put Pressure On Global Markets

This week, markets across the world were able to recover prior losses from the week before this last week but may find little reason to rally and break above all time highs. The Ukraine crisis does not appear to be getting any better with NATO increasing presence in the region and Russia not baking off any time soon. That will be putting some pressure on the Euro and commodity markets. The US has said it will not get involved in the Ukraine situation with military forces but if things in Ukraine spilled over into NATO countries NATO would get involved, at this time that is unlikely and the worst case scenario.

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ProTek Capital, Inc./Luxuriant Holdings (PRPM) Updates Shareholders

Yesterday morning, Luxuriant Holdings released an update via their Facebook page in regards to the global lock and increased authorization issue.

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QASP: Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. Analysis

On Wednesday we day traded QASP  “QASP- Picked QASP due to it’s strong support at 18. All week QASP has been testing support at 18 and it HELD every single time!” That was the technical perspective of QASP ( Buy at the price where the ticker tests strong support levels. Now we have a fundamental analysis on the long term perspective of QASP.

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Japan Nikkei Closing Up +0.7% EZ and US Closed Today For Holiday

Nikkei closing at 14,516 up +0.7%

JPY down slightly across the board today

USD Index flat so far today

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Market Recap for 4/17

Today was not the best day for me. I lost $1,010 on my Google 570 April $19 Calls which we will speak more about later. As for the US markets they were a mixed bag because the Dow dropped a few points as the S&P while NASDAQ both made positive strides. The DOW dropped a measly 16 points finishing at 16,408.54, the S&P gained 3 points closing at 1,864.85 and the NASDAQ index gained 9 points finishing at 4,095.52. It was great to see the market rebound as we were seeing a steady regression in prior weeks. Also, as a heads up April 18 is Good Friday therefore the market will be closed tomorrow! For those of you that celebrate the holidays, I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

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